Saturday 11th July 2020
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Finding an IBM (FRU) Part Number

As you would expect IBM have a very good tried and tested part numbering system for all IBM parts. This is based on a FRU system or "Field Replacement Unit", essentially this can be described as:-

"A part that can be quickly and easily removed and replaced by the user or by a technician without having to send the entire product or system to a repair facility"

Most IBM parts will have a FRU number on them, this might be on a sticker or actually etched onto the part itself. The normal format for an IBM FRU is:-


For example the FRU for the X445 motherboard is 26K3109. Having the FRU number is always an advantage when ordering IBM parts but its not essential, at ACS we have considerable experience of dealing with IBM spares so you can be assured of getting the correct part at the correct price.

Below is an example of where the IBM FRU Number would be located for this specific server board:



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