Tuesday 20th April 2021
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Comment from a satisfied customer

To give you the potted history of this, I've been looking to source a USB connected DAT External Tape Drive in good condition for some time now (and as an ex-long term HP employee you can guess my preference). Prior to indirectly stumbling into Allied (via a web search) I'd seen the same HP  unit offered by 'A well-known Brazilian River' (refurbished) for over £2,100! Which stood not a snowball in hell's chance. Other 'preferred' HP partners advertised over £400 (new) but were 'out of stock indefinitely'. Most promising was an excellent parts supplier I have used in the past offering same (new) for £870 (inc. carriage and VAT). And I seriously considered this, to the point of placing an order. Only for events to be overtaken by Ron's Email of 'New. £250. All in from ACS. So, one order swiftly cancelled and another similarly placed.

And 48 hours later here we be.

Only time will tell whether I can read the 1's and 0's on my legacy tapes (which is my challenge) but ACS have more than exceeded my expectations and you are guaranteed a 'front grid' placing for the future.

So, my sincere thanks to yourself for your assistance. It was a job well done and greatly appreciated.

Anonymous Customer.

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